Make the most out of your Recruitment Process Outsourcing Partnership
A lot of companies are recognizing the potential that an RPO firm brings to the table. While the tight labor market is a tough challenge to navigate, the recognition of potential ideal candidates is another problem for companies to endure. However, this is where you need expertise and this is where consultancy comes into the picture. Before Recruitment Process outsourcing became such a widely adopted trend, it was only a simple transactional service for companies to fill the low level positions. However, with time passing, RPOs took on a stronger role and talent recognition became a forte that more and more companies started demanding. As per research, 41% of the surveyed companies agreed that now they are using RPOs actively to fulfil their specific demands. This does not only help with reductions in time bound matters but has also helped in increasing the retention. A more strategic relationship in the employment world has definitely helped it flourish better. To that effect, here are some strategies that can help you make the most out of your equation with your RPO provider too: Key points to remember for developing a beneficial relationship with your RPOAll of us know the importance of team work when it comes to achieving success at work. The same principle applies to your employment provider as well. In order to gain maximum benefits out of your alliance, here is what you need to follow:
1) Develop a commonality as well as reach a shared visionOne of the most important pointers for a team to succeed is first zeroing in on the goals they want to achieve. You can let your RPO provider know about your goals and the targets. However, you need to ask them for a realistic measure. If your RPO provider is not able to agree with the goals, then you may have to consider other goals. The point here is not only about the number of employees that can be arranged, but about the quality and the time that will go in training them. Hence, have enough meetings analyzing the kind of goals you want to achieve and rate them on quantitative as well as qualitative measures. What is most important here is that you understand the passions of both entities. To reach a goal, figuring out the strengths and weaknesses would play a major role. Hence, you need to figure out what drives you and your partner to reach a goal that fits both your needs.
2) Communicate in a timely manner and build the foundation of your goals togetherAnother crucial pointer to remember about RPO is that time is of the essence here. To achieve things in the way you are planning, you would need to have regular follow ups. This will help you in getting a stand by plan in place in case the primary one is not successful. Regular follow ups also motivate you to build a long term foundation with your RPO provider, helping you to use their services in the future too. Most RPO experts advice you to have a SPOC- so that there is no situation of too many cooks spoiling the broth. Somebody efficient from your HR department will surely be the right choice for achieving this.
3) Do not underestimate a service level agreementBased on expert advice, you should know that a SLA (service level agreement) is pretty much crucial for getting maximum benefits out of your RPO partnership. It is basically a methodology wherein the needs of the customers are prementioned in the agreement even before the request is carried out. The top benefits of opting for a service level agreement are as follows: - Helps in improving customer service- Facilitates a better base for communication- Negotiations are made pre made so the chances of last minute hassles are few- Agreements and are not based on a hand shake approach but on a proper agreement- Sets great standards for customer services in the future
4) Work like a team and build the process keeping in mind the success and failures in mindIt does not come as a surprise that a term that has process in centre of it requires constant processing. While the basic processes are set depending on the type of RPO you require, every company and entity has different measures for what they are looking for. RPO is also industry specific. You cannot follow the same process for a bank as you would for a greenfield project. Hence, it is crucial that you figure out an approach that can be built on the process that you feel is the most ideal to reach your RPO goals.
5) Being patient is the keyWhile the RPO industry thrives on time bound strategies, most experts will shed light on how integral patience is for your organization. If you trust your provider and have given them a certain time limit, then it is advisable to not panic as the timeline keeps approaching. In all probability, they know exactly what they are doing and their stellar record would be the best reflection of it. Hence, go into business with a partner that understands your goals, has achieved something similar in the past and is able to deliver timelines as expected. Even so, your patience would help them do their job better, otherwise the pressure of this industry can cause many projects to fail.
When to hire an RPO provider?While the strategies mentioned above would help you achieve your goals with your RPO provider, but it is also important to recognize the gap and ensure that you know when to hire one for your company. Here are some signals to keep in mind when you are contemplating getting an RPO provider on boars: 1) If a staffing company is not fulfilling your needs and you are looking at training the employees too. 2) You have a targeted business which is time bound and require the business demand to grow as well as get delivered.3) RPO is crucial when you are undergoing the scaling process. Organizations that have a potential well developed business model require a RPO on board for ensuring that they get the most quality employment on board. 4) In cases, where you require a large number of employees in a short duration and do not have enough time or resources to individually undertake the employment process, then this is surely an ideal way to go. Your pipeline will be filled with candidates and you would achieve the best results.5) Additionally, if you do not understand about a certain demand or a sector and need niche advice and employees, then getting an RPO on board would surely help.
In a nutshell, we recommend that you go for a RPO provider and follow the aforementioned strategies to get the best goals in return

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